Prudent-Advisory executes highly professional advisory services to increase  efficiency in your activity.

Prudent-Advisory works within the vision that successful activity is generally based upon many factors which can be simplified into an internal control framework. By estimating, designing,           coordinating and implementing these factors by proper knowledge, methods and technology, we promise you a successful journey to an acceptable level of efficiency in your activity. This applies to all kinds of defined functions such as private or public organisations, divisions, departments and processes.

Notably, Prudent-Advisory supplies and connects professionals whenever needed for projects in close collaboration with its customers.

Gudmundur has 18 years of experience as an executive and manager within the energy sector and healthcare sector. He has primarily participated in strategy projects, developed activities that covered change management and implementation of new methods within his management scope and beyond. Finally, he has solid experience in performance management and efficiency evaluation.

Guðmundur I Bergþórsson 
Founder and CEO
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